Castagra’s ‘Green’ Veggie Plastic Protective Coating Goes Sprayable With No Toxic Solvents Involved

BURNABY, B.C., CANADA/ GILBERT, ARIZONA — Protective coatings and mouldings technology company Castagra Products Inc., announced today successful spray trials by Fisher Shotcrete, Inc. using Castagra’s veggie plastic protective coating ECODUR 201 without the use of solvents.

The use of solvents continues to be a major environmental and health concern in the protective coatings industry. Tightening environmental regulations have resulted in the ban of many corrosion protective coatings due to the harmful effects of their solvents or corrosion inhibitors which can contaminate water sources.

Castagra’s coatings and mouldings are made of castor oil and gypsum, and, with the addition of renewable fibres, can be made into laminates, all without the use of oil, a major component in conventional plastics.

Castagra CEO Peter Roosen, said “This is a major breakthrough for Castagra and has wider environmental implications for the industries we are involved with. Fisher Shotcrete, Inc. has done outstanding trial work.

“It now makes protective coating spraying extremely simple and economical as solvents are totally eliminated both in the material and the cleaning processes, and it gives us the capability of making products from the 60% and higher gypsum without the need for a cumbersome and costly 25 horsepower mixing head and all the ancillary equipment needed to make it work.

“We can now be highly mobile and drive into other people’s factories or test sites with the minimum amount of disruption.”

The veggie plastic has a 15-year history of protecting ship decks in extreme marine environments and is now branching into the oil and gas industries where tank and pipeline erosion are major issues.

Roosen added that the materials sprayed can have simultaneously widely varying viscosities, pressures, temperatures and ratios between two or more respective components being combined by the spraying apparatus.

Cure rates and gel times can vary widely from hours to less than 10 seconds for mixing and dispensing various plural component thermoplastic and thermosetting materials including foams, mouldings and coatings made from urethanes, ureas, epoxies, polyesters, phenolic and other chemical compositions that react rapidly upon mixing of the components thereof.

Castagra specializes in the use of vegetable plastic for construction, oil and gas services industries, where its plastic is used for moldings, concrete and tank protection.

Most recently Castagra entered into an agreement with Texas AgriLife Research, part of the Texas A&M University System, to test production of a new castor bean with less ricin. The West Texas project will investigate production potential and sustainable production practices that do not conflict with other commodities grown in the state, according to officials.

Fisher Shotcrete, Inc. was established in 1985 and started with the residential swimming pool market. Throughout the years, the company has developed a solid reputation for delivering quality and timely Shotcrete services to the construction industry, while managing to assemble a very skilled team of people for residential and commercial work.

Due to the overwhelming number of commercial applications that Shotcrete can fulfill and the numerous projects around the country and globe where Shotcrete is and can be applied, Fisher Shotcrete, Inc. established a Commercial Division in response. Commercial Shotcrete was established in order to specialize in commercial work, such as canals and lake lining, retaining walls, building foundations and tunnel renovation.

Fisher Shotcrete, Inc also saw an opportunity in the industrial coatings market and teamed up with one of the industry’s top applicators and material suppliers to create Fisher Epoxy Solutions. This division handles coatings on projects pertaining to manholes, water treatment facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, waterproofing and primary and secondary containment such as fuel farms. This division is the market leader in custom designing and engineering plural component coatings systems equipment.

Currently, the scope of services covered by Fisher Shotcrete, Inc. ranges from volume work represented by thousands of pools over the years in Arizona, to more technically challenging projects like soil nailing Arena – Home of the Phoenix Coyotes, lining Tempe Town Lake and restoring a wastewater digester tank built in the early 1960s to full modernization. In the over 25 years of operation, Fisher Shotcrete, Inc. has traveled around the country and the Americas where their work can be seen in many locations.
Janice Fisher, the Owner and CEO of Fisher Shotcrete, Inc. has had the pleasure of serving on many committees for the American Concrete Institute and American Shotcrete Association and as the President of the American Shotcrete Association. Janice and her team still contribute regularly to the publications of these organizations and their committees.

Fisher Shotcrete, Inc. is a Small Business Administration designated WOBE and SBE and WBE Certified for the Utility Supplier Diversity Program of the CA Public Utilities Commission.

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