What is Shotcrete?

Simply said, shotcrete is sprayed concrete or mortar. In the wet mix process all the ingredients, including water, are premixed. The mix is then pumped to the nozzle where compressed air blows it into the substrate.

“The shotcrete process is particularly suited for curved or sculpted surfaces.”

Shotcrete has a wide range of uses – casting new structures; swimming pools; sculpting waterscapes; lining tunnels and ditches; paving slopes and complex shapes such as skateboard parks and earth retaining structures; strengthening and repairing existing structures of all types; providing fireproofing and chemical protection to steel; and construction of tanks, basement walls (underground parking facilities) and any other place that can not be formed and poured.

The use of shotcrete to build new concrete structures as well as to restore and repair existing structures is well known and documented. Shotcrete for ground support in tunnel and mine operations is perhaps less known in the general construction community.

Underground shattering, however, consumes the largest of all pneumatic applications. Over the last 12 to 15 years, technical advancements in shattering equipment, concrete technology, and application methods have contributed to the growth of shotcrete as a primary support element in tunnel and mine applications.

Slope Stabilization, Laughlin NV

Shotcrete is perhaps the most diverse method available for concrete construction. Procedures for its proper performance are well developed, and high-quality work is regularly obtained by “Commercial Shotcrete.”

Shotcrete routinely is used for thick, heavily reinforced sections that utilize larger bar sizes. This type of work requires special procedures and a highly skilled nozzleman, which “Commercial Shotcrete” provides.